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Explained: Steps to be Taken After Car Theft in India

FIR: File an FIR (First Information Report) at your local police station. The police will ask for relevant details to register a complaint. You will receive a copy of your FIR, which you will need for filing the claim.

Contact Your Insurer: After filing a police complaint, the next step for filling insurance claim in case of car theft is to inform your insurer about the incident.

Inform Your RTO: As per the Motor Vehicle Act, you must inform your RTO (Regional Transport Office) about car theft.

Submit the Required Documents to Your Insurer: Your insurer will require you to submit several documents for a successful car theft insurance claim. The documents include: copy of insurance documents, original FIR copy, claim forms, driving license copy, RC book copy, RTO transfer papers and relevant RTO forms. Apart from these documents, you also need to submit your original car keys (two sets) for successful claim filing.

Collect No-Trace Report from Police: In case if your car cannot be traced for a particular duration, you are entitled to receive a no-trace report from the police station. This document is mandatory to get the claim sanctioned by your insurer.

How Much Time Will It Take to Get the Claim Sanctioned?: As mentioned above, the no-trace report is only generated after 30 days or more depending on your location from the date you register your policy complaint. Apart from this, it can take up to 60-90 days for your insurer to generate the IDV of your car. Overall, the whole process can easily take 3-4 months.

(The author, Prachi Mishra, is a Supreme Court lawyer and Additional Advocate General, Chhattisgarh)

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