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Israel Vaccinates International Students, Researchers against COVID-19

Internal national students and researchers enrolled in higher education institutes in Israel are eligible to get vaccinated under the country’s national vaccination drive. This also includes Indian students studying there as well.

The country claims to have made efforts to ensure all international students have access to vaccines. “This vaccination drive is indicative of Israel’s commitment to internationalization in higher education. International students enrolled in Israel’s higher education institutions are an integral part of this effort,” Study in Israel – an initiative launched by the Council for Higher Education of Israel said in an official statement.

Israel claims that 55 per cent of its total population has received the first dose, and 47 per cent of the total population has been completely vaccinated. Israeli universities and colleges claim to have included the international student body in the campaign. “Most international students have been inoculated through their health care provider”, Study In Israel – country’s higher education wing which looks after international students said in an official notice.

Under an on-campus vaccination drive held by Hebrew University, over 500 international students and researchers from countries all over the world including China, India, Denmark, France, Mexico got vaccinated.

Mihir Mogra, an Indian student pursuing his master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion, says, “I had a very pleasant experience with the vaccination drive in Israel. The staff was also very warm and welcoming.”

“Israel is committed to enriching our higher education system through internationalization and the integration of international students and researchers. Throughout the pandemic, our academic institutions have ensured that courses continue at the same high quality through digital learning methods and that cutting-edge research carries on. Now that Israel is running a successful vaccination drive, we are extremely proud that our international students have full access to the vaccine.” Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, Chair, Planning, and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education

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