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Meet ICAI’s CA Final Toppers, Bishal and Bhramar, And Know Their Strategy

Chennai’s Bishal Timsina has topped ICAI’s CA final exam in the old course with 479 marks out of 800 and Bhramar Jain from Raipur has got All India Rank 1 in CA finals new course with 611 marks out of 800. While Timsina is the first from his family to have pursued Chartered Accountancy, Jain hails from a family of CAs, however, one mutual thread they both swear by is ‘consistency’. Both the toppers claim that it was their consistency and how they managed to cope with the uncertainty when the exams were postponed several times is that made them the top scorers.

For Jain, the struggle was of both mental and physical wellbeing as he had contracted the Covid-19 virus in October and had to be hospitalised due to the Covid-related complication.

“While I had recovered in about nine days, I used to feel weakness and was not able to study even when I had come back home. It took me about half a month to be back on track with my studies. Neither I nor anyone from my family was expecting that I would top the exam,” said Jain.

Both the toppers were to appear for the 2020 session, however, due to the pandemic, they had dropped out of the November attempt and had decided to appear in January 2021.

Timsina told that he reduced his number of hours per day from 12 to 8 during the lockdown. “The pandemic was a tough time for everyone. It became more important to me to stay focused on everything I was doing considering the syllabus is so vast. I started reducing my time at study and initially got involved in other activities to just relax. Listening to music and doing nothing had helped me during my break sessions,” said Timsina.

Timsina found direct tax to be one of the toughest subjects. He had joined coaching for some subjects but said focused the most on self-study. He also referred to YouTube videos to revise concepts in a ‘fun manner’.

“For students who are appearing for ICAI, it is important to concentrate on whatever they are studying. Building the concepts goes a long way. One needs to study the notes given by the ICAI at least once, thoroughly. CA exam does need more effort than any other course. It is important to put in efforts daily and take regular breaks as well. Since it’s a vast syllabus to remember, one needs to focus on their mental state too,” said Timsina who is a son of a medical professional and opted to study CA for the career security it offers.

Jain too shared similar sentiments. “CA is not an exam of who is the most talented but a test to evaluate who is the most consistent,” said Jain, who belongs to a family of CAs including his father, elder brother, and sister-in-law to have obtained the top ranks.

He said while the rest of his family members were academically sharper than he is, it is his consistency which has landed him on the top.

“CA course is a unique course and it cannot be equated with a college degree. Students joining CA thinking of leading a normal college life are in for a surprise. One has to put in at least 6-10 hours of study and do it regularly. It is also about the quality of the hours one spends on studies. A consistent focus is required to crack the exam,” said Jain.

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