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New Icons and More Expected, Stream Starts at 8:30PM

Windows 11 is almost here, and Microsoft’s big event is all set to begin at 8:30PM IST. The news of a new version of Windows may have come as a surprise to you depending on how closely you follow Microsoft, what it really means to you, and whether you ever really took the “Windows 10 is the last Windows we’ll ever make” comment by a Microsoft spokesperson very seriously. Nevertheless, a new update for the Windows ecosystem can’t not be welcome, since Windows 10 isn’t exactly the most streamlined in terms of what’s broken and what needs to be fixed.

In terms of upgrades, in line with expectations is a new interface that is slated to put the start button at the centre of the bottom taskbar. There is also a new array of app icons with a new generation design, up to date with modern design standards and preferences – and more consistent with the image that Microsoft wants to present of itself right now. Other new things expected are a little murky – we’re not sure if Windows 11 will be a big enough change in terms of the fundamental architecture, and if the OS will make a compelling case for users to spend money on. Like when Windows 10 launched, Windows 11 will likely be a free upgrade, at least initially.

Laptop OEMs are also likely to announce their support and/or pricing of Windows 11 upgrades from Windows 10 PCs, and we hope Microsoft focuses enough on fixing its core architecture to make delivering upgrades and preventing bugs a more streamlined experience. A new Microsoft Store design is also in sight, all of which will hopefully contribute to making a new Windows 11 experience worthy – and more importantly – different enough for users to spend money on.

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