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Pooja Gor Spills the Beans About What Would Change in Pratigya Season 2

Pratigya, which first premiered in 2009 and had a successful run of three years before going off-air, has returned with season 2. Actress Pooja Gor, who plays the lead role in the show, talks about her return to the small screen, reunion with Arhaan Behll and more.

Pooja said, “It was about time that Prayigya came back. The fans have been at it for years now and it is because of their love, constant support and ‘zidd’ that the show has come back. They have been wanting to see it for a long time, they have seen all the repeats and especially during the pandemic when Star Plus aired the show yet again and the response that they received in terms of viewership was beyond belief for them and that is why they sort of decided to bring the show back. What could be more exciting for an actor than to be a part of a show as iconic as Prayigya and get a chance to reprise the role that made you a household name.”

What new will ‘Pratigya 2’ offer to the audience? She said, “Pratigya 2 will retain the essence of the original but with a fresh storyline. With story that is more relevant in today’s time. The bond of the family members has grown stronger. The whole family has changed for better. There is nothing criminal or illegal going on in their family or business. Sajjan Singh has helped and supported Pratigya in perceiving further studies and becoming a career woman. Pratigya is now a public prosecutor and she will fight for the injustice quite literally. You will see now that there are kids in the family. It will be interesting to see how they have grown and evolved.”

She further said, “It was pretty much an instant connection. This character is so well blended in my blood that it just flows. I can wake up and before I open my eyes I can be in the character if you say ‘action’. It is also because it is a character, which is closest to my heart. It will always remain special, I will always remain Pratigya. Pratigya will always be within me, in my personality as Pooja.”

On reunion with Arhaan, who plays her husband Krishna in the show, she said, “Interestingly, the chemistry we have has gotten better. The bond we share as actors, as friends has become better. Even though we last worked together 9 years ago, we have been in touch through the years and sort of grown as individuals. We have done so much work after, we have grown as actors. It is really nice and he is a great co-actor. He is so responsive and we were so amazed when we gave our first shot that both of us were just there, right in our character. It was such a joyous moment for both of us that we still have the same chemistry and we could portray that.”

Pooja steered away from the small screen for quite long. She last appeared on TV in 2015 in Ek Nayi Ummeed -Roshni.

She said, “Pratigya is my show, it is the show that gave me everything – name, fame. It gave me the lessons as an actor, it gave me growth. There was no two-way about me having said anything but ‘yes’ to the show the second I was offered. And of course, the storyline has been the star of the show, if there is anything that is the star of the show it is the story, writing. It is joy to bring those scenes to life. When I got a call, I had three projects in hand, two movies and a web series. I was yet to go on floors with the movies. I put a pause and chose not go ahead with the movies. This show will forever remain my priority.”

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