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Propose Day 2021: History and Significance of the Special Occasion

Taking forward the Valentine’s week celebration, February 8 marks the second celebratory occasion of love, that is the Propose Day. Right after the Rose Day, when lovers must have expressed their feelings by gifting roses; dawns the momentous Propose Day wherein you can go a step further or should we say closer to your beloved, by declaring your love. Or, if you’ve been a secret lover, even then, now is the time to pour your heart out.

It is an opportunity for love birds to blatantly express love for their significant other; in the form of proposing marriage or asking for a lifelong companionship, by making one feel unique and appreciated in the most cherished, special way.

Those that have been looking for the right time to gather courage and propose, then this is the day for you. No inhibition, no hesitation can deter you. With your heart at the right place, go ahead and let your heart out to your significant other.

Depending upon your preference for a mode of proposal – which could be grand or simple, or a quiet one – you can plan your proposal by opting for many creative ways.

i. Beach proposal: Go out there and sweep your special person off the feet by soaking in the beautiful day, amidst the sea beaches.

ii. Candlelight proposal: By far the most traditional, tried and tested way to win someone’s heart is the dinner dates. Intense, romantic, mushy, and a great way to propose while enjoying a hearty meal.

iii. Photo booth proposal: An innovative and creative way of the lot, indeed. This would capture the surprise and the spontaneity in the best possible way.

iv. First met site proposal: A thoughtful and lovely form of proposal, it would be. Proposing on the very same place where you had first met, reminiscing on the memories of first sight love or acquaintance can be a very good idea.

v. Filmy style proposal: Get creative and surprise your special person by proposing in a filmy style by arranging a set up from a much-loved movie or wearing costumes from the movie which your partner loves, or by mouthing dialogues or songs from the same film.

Soak in the season of love and ecstasy on Propose Day with your prospective boyfriend or girlfriend and have a happy propose day!

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