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Sameera Reddy Opens Up About Her Fitness Journey, Swears by Intermittent Fasting

Everyone wants to accomplish a certain level in fitness and being fit is all about creating lifestyle habits. Setting fitness goals means being mindful about converting ideas and plans with commitment and discipline. Actress Sameera Reddy has been on the path to achieving her fitness goals lately. In a lengthy Instagram post, she revealed that she adopted one of the most popular health conscious trends of intermittent fasting since the past week to lose weight. People who prefer losing weight healthily go for intermittent fasting, which is an eating pattern rotation between periods of fasting and eating.

Sharing her fitness secret, Sameera revealed how she is managing to reach her personal goal and also posted about her experiences. Mother of two, Sameera has been vocal about several women’s issues on many occasions, including pregnancy weight and self-love. In the video she uploaded to Instagram, Sameera said that hard work and discipline is something she is sticking to. She added that people don’t look at a short-term goal but a long-term goal to get rid of that weight.

Elaborating on her process, Sameera revealed that being consistent and disciplined helps her to keep her in line with her plans. She began the explanation by saying that though she woke up exhausted in the morning, she managed to do 45 minutes of yoga. Sameera, who is down from 91 kg to 90.6 kg, relies on lots of water, including herbal tea or black coffee in the morning without sugar or milk. Instead of a crazy diet, she prefers having well-balanced meals at specific timings. Yoga thrice, cycling four times a week is what Sameera practices regularly. She said she has been eating in just the window between 11am and7pm. This method helped her to stop late night snacking.

Sameera married Akshay Varde in 2014. The couple is blessed with a son, Hans and a daughter, Nyra. Sameera is known for films such as Maine Dil Tujhko Diya, Musafir, Race and Tezz.

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