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Shaan Takes Dig at Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Songs, Says They Have ‘No Musicality’

Shaan recently commented on the declining standard of music in the country. While engaging in conversation with AskMen India, the singer seemed to have slammed rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh (without naming him) for producing songs like Char Bottle Vodka, Sunny Sunny, and Lungi Dance. He said even though these tracks are popular among youth, they have “no musicality”.

The singer seemed quite disappointed with the current rap trend and said that even big companies and record labels prefer such songs because they manage to attract more views. Even though the songs do not have great music, they end up becoming popular.

He went on to say that as certain rap artists are great with rhymes and flow, they produce easy rap songs that eventually hook the listeners and eventually become chartbusters.

The 48-year-old also suggested that the reason for their popularity can also be rooted in the changed taste of the listeners. He pointed that very few people actually understand music. As everyone cannot be musically educated, what one can do as a musician is produce good music so that people develop a taste for it.

On a related note, Shaan revealed why he was doing fewer film songs. The singer stated that he couldn’t comment on this but all he could say was that certain singers have a recall value because they used to rule the roost at some point. He went on to say that as the younger heroes want new voices, he could connect with the older generation and doesn’t have a connection with the current one.

Meanwhile, Yo Yo Honey Singh recently released a single titled Saiyaan Ji, featuring singer Neha Kakkar.

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