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Sonu Sood Struggles to Arrange Medicines for People in Need, Expresses Helplessness

Actor Sonu Sood might be a devious villain in reel life but off-screen he is the hero one needs in these trying times. From sending migrant workers home to helping stranded students during the lockdown, last year, he has stepped in wherever he could.

Now, the Dabangg actor has taken to social media to express his helplessness over not being able to help the ones in need. He also emphasised on the severity of the pandemic situation in the country right now and requested people to stay at home, and wear masks.

“Since morning I haven’t kept my phone down, thousands of calls from all over India for HOSPITAL BEDS, MEDICINES, INJECTIONS and still not able to provide to many of them, I feel so helpless.The situation is scary, pls stay at home ,wear mask and prevent yourself from infection.Folded hands”, he wrote on his official Twitter handle.

In a separate tweet that he shared some time after sharing the previous one, he urged people to come forward and help people who don’t have access to medical help. He wrote, “All said and done, I am still on it, I am sure together we can save many more lives. It’s time not to blame anyone but to come forward for a needy who needs your help. Try to provide medical needs to the ones who don’t have an access. LETS SAVE LIVES TOGETHER.Always there for u”

Sonu Sood has been working relentlessly since the pandemic broke out last year to help people. He arranged for transport for stranded migrant workers, and arranged medicines for patients who couldn’t access them. His humanitarian work has earned him the image of a ‘messiah’.

Recently, he was recently made the brand ambassador for Punjab’s anti-coronavirus vaccination programme.

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