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Violinist Anthea Dias and CEO of ABS Anoushka Jolly Share Their Dreams

The 10th episode of BYJU’S Young Genius featured child prodigies – 14-year-old violinist Anthea Dais and 12 years old founder and CEO of Anti-bullying Squad, Anoushka Jolly.

Anthea started learning the violin when she was just 6 years old. She completed the prestigious ATCL level 4 diploma in violin by the Trinity College of Music, London. She plays for over 4 hours every day and has performed at many shows, including accompaniment in a concert by renowned Austrian Pianist and conductor MatheusFletzbergerin 2019. She is one of the few violinists -and currently the youngest in India -to achieve recognition for the western classical style. She can easily play complex arrangements like Zigeurnerweisen(Gypsy Airs) Op.20, Grieg Sonata No.3, Op.45 -Movement one, and Mozart concerto No.3 in G-major. Committed and talented, Anthea’s goal is to bring fame to India as a music maestro.

“She was the only Indian representing her country at the Progressive Musicians USA and won the silver. I can best express myself through violin. My dream is to perform in the best concerts halls and auditoriums in the world. And I want to come to India and teach violin to the next generation and teach my knowledge to them,” said Anthea during the show.

“Since she was eight years old I have been teaching Anthea, and over a period of time I saw her showing amazing progress at such a young age which is very rare among kids that age especially when playing an instrument which the most difficult, Anthea has achieved a dream which I myself could not achieve, but through her achievement lime my dream is fulfilled and I am very proud of her,” added her coach Vincent Colaco.

Anthea Dais the only Indian who has participated in and won the silver medal (U-14 Category) at the International Piano, Violin & Guitar Competition held by Progressive Musicians (Progressive Musicians is a world renowned organization who conduct annual competitions). This year only 11 kids made it to the top in the category of 11 –14. Anthea is set to perform as a violinist at the famous Carnegie Hall, New York. She will be the youngest Indian to do so.

Anoushka is a 12 years old founder and CEO of Anti-bullying Squad which is a social enterprise against bullying. They aim to reduce bullying in schools and campuses and spread awareness about the same. Anti-Bullying Squad (ABS) is a web platform that organises individual one-on-one sessions in schools, with the help of experts. The platform also allows people to take a pledge and get ABS merchandise. Through ABS, Anoushka has also been spreading awareness about body positivity, self-love and cyber bullying. Within a year of its existence, ABS has reached out and helped 500 plus students in India

“Bully can lead to bigger issues like depression and anxiety, and I decided I had to do something about this and that’s when I got the idea of the Anti-bullying Squad,” said Anoushka during the show. “When she told me she wanted to help her fellow kids, I suggested to start a website of her own,” added her father, Manu Jolly.

“People in school come to my website and book sessions with me. I discuss bullying with them, show them what bullying is. I want to make the world a friendlier and more emphatic place and I will do that by reaching out to every kid in the world and empower to fight against bullying,” said Anoushka.

On an annual day at school, Anoushka’s best friends decided to bully a six-year-old girl. They started calling her names and laughing at her. She says when she looked at the girl, she saw a helpless, terrified, and sad little girl, and her heart melted. She never forgot that incident. And that’s how the idea was born. Her empathy gave birth to a social enterprise and it is wonderful that someone just at the age of 9 had the maturity and compassion to see bullying for what it is. More power to her.

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